Temporary Car Insurance: Some Lessons for Newbies

Temporary car insurance is a cover you can take out on a vehicle you do not intend to use very often. Also called short term covers, this insurance cover is great particularly for people who do not drive too often, and its validity ranges from just one day to one month. It is an affordable option when taking an emergency cover or renting a car where taking a full year cover is too expensive and unnecessary. A simple search online will lead you to countless short term insurance companies as well as how to go about it.

When Is Temporary Car Insurance Required

Temporary covers can be used in several instances. If you borrow a car, for example, you will need to have a cover to use it. Your car may be in the garage for a while and you need a different vehicle to move around. A temporary cover for the number of days you will be using it will work great. Another instance when you might need temporary insurance cover is when you have guests who need to use your car. Temporary car cover can also come in handy if you are trying to sell your car and your permanent cover has expired. All you have to do is cover it for an extra few days till you conclude the sale. With this type of car insurance, you can arrange a cover quickly especially when there is an emergency and very little time to process a permanent cover.

What You Get With Temporary Car Insurance

A short term car cover can work for you from the day you take it up to a month. During this time both the car and driver are fully covered as per the terms of the contract with your insurer. In the event that you take a temporary insurance cover for someone who needs to use your car for a short period of time but they end up getting into an accident, the cover will protect your no claims bonuses. These bonuses are not lost and you do not have to worry about the liabilities you would be in for if you had no insurance.

Advantages of Short Term Car Insurance

It is very easy to acquire

Does not require too much information to be filled out>

Protects your no claims bonus

Is affordable

Can be taken out only for the required number of days

Getting a Good Temporary Car Cover

One has to be tactical and very calculating when looking for a temporary car cover. Most people shy away from this type of cover because they think it is expensive in the long run. Well when you pay daily premiums over a long period of time, it will definitely cost you more than a permanent insurance cover. However if the cover is just for a few days, this cover allows you to avoid wasting money on cover you do not really need.  Getting a temporary cover is super easy. Most insurance companies do not even require you to come in physically. Everything can be done over the phone and via email. 

Temporary insurance for your car is extremely affordable but the amount you actually pay is often determined by factors such as your age, the area in which you live and the type of car involved. Keep in mind also that the amount you pay for your temporary cover is determined by previous insurance history. Any claims or convictions in your history will definitely affect your premiums. If you pick the right insurance provider, you can add a European policy in the event that you need to drive abroad for a few days. This is available but at an extra cost.

Eligibility for Short Term Insurance Cover

The following factors will determine whether or not you are eligible for a temporary car insurance cover;

You must be between the ages of 23 and 75 although some companies accept 18 year olds

You must have had a valid driver’s permit for at least six months

You must have lived in the UK for at least a year

Temporary insurance cover is a great way to ensure all your bases are covered when on the road. A short term cover does not only protect you but also other people in the picture. A good example is when you are visiting and you have to borrow a car from a friend. Taking out a short term policy protects your friend too as well as his car and bonuses. You must be wary of insurance scams though. Temporary covers are easy to get even over the phone but be sure you are dealing with a genuine agent. A short term car cover can also save you countless run-ins with the law.

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